Millennium Tandem Team (MTT)

For us, skydiving is not just
a hobby or a sport, but a lifestyle!

National team parachutists created this team (Millennium Tandem Team) so that You, respectively almost anyone could get an insight into the breathtaking world of skydiving, without any pre-training, but still under safe circumstances – because safety is at least as important for us as the experience we offer!

If you choose us for this special experience, you will meet professional parachutists. Multiple Hungarian champions, competitors who participated at several World and European Championships and are still active, undoubtedly the best of tandem skydiving! In wintertime we jump  in New Zealand and Dubai and no other team can offer you this routine! From spring to fall we skydive in Hungary (at Dunaújváros Airport) and are happy to see you if you’re up to quality entertainment.

Our team members have already executed more than 30 000 jumps and more than 16 000 in tandem (accident-free, of course), which is considerable at international level, and highly outstanding in Hungarian parachuting!

Thanks to all this we can guarantee your safety and the indescribable 100% extreme feeling in the future just as we did so far! Get to know parachuting with us, you won’t be disappointed with the Millennium Tandem Team!

Safety 100%
Skills 100%
Fun 100%



53-year-old skydiver with more than 11 500 jumps behind him, with 8 500+ tandem jumps he is the most experienced tandem master in Hungary! He has been skydiving since 1988, and is a 15-time Hungarian champion in formation skydiving. In 1996 he was one of the first to obtain a Hungarian tandem master license, and has been continuously active since then. For 10 years, he worked as a tandem master in New Zealand, at one of the world’s largest tandem skydive DZs, where he obtained his Tandem Master license in 2005. He is an experienced camera flyer and since 1999 he has been an AFF (accelerated free fall trainer) instructor as well.


40-year-old tandem skydiver, AFF instructor and camera flyer. He has been actively jumping since 2012, after years spent in successful sport skydiving (mainly target landing and wingsuit), he obtained a tandem master license in Germany in 2017, where he worked at a skydiving drop zone for 3 years. An extremely experienced parachute packer and rigger at the same time, a truly versatile skydiver who has jumped more than 1800 times, has been strengthening the Millennium Tandem Team since 2019.


A 50-year-old skydiving tandem master, AFF instructor and camera flyer. 30 years in the sport of parachuting, with more than 20 000 (!) jumps, which is currently the highest number of jumps in Hungary! He is extremely experienced both in competition and as an instructor. Multiple Hungarian and New Zealand formation skydiving champion, participating in 7 world and European championships, while spending 11 years in New Zealand and 7 years at Skydive Dubai as an AFF instructor and tandem master.
Without exaggeration, he is a living legend, with 6 000+ tandem jumps and cloudless fun to guarantee you safety and an unforgettable experience between heaven and earth.


52-year-old tandem skydiver and camera flyer. He has been dedicated to the sport for more than three decades, has been a tandem master since 2015, and has jumped 2 700 times so far, of which nearly 1 000 are tandem jumps. Formation skydiving is his favorite in skydiving sport, he has participated in several group formation record jumps in recent years, and is currently an active sport skydiver. His original occupation is a physical education teacher and physiotherapist, so if you want an experienced, sporty, humorous and exceptional pedagogical sense for your tandem master, HE is your man! :)


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