Millennium Tandem Team (MTT)

For us, skydiving is not just
a hobby or a sport, but a lifestyle!

National team parachutists created this team (Millennium Tandem Team) so that You, respectively almost anyone could get an insight into the breathtaking world of skydiving, without any pre-training, but still under safe circumstances – because safety is at least as important for us as the experience we offer!

If you choose us for this special experience, you will meet professional parachutists. Multiple Hungarian champions, competitors who participated at several World and European Championships and are still active, undoubtedly the best of tandem skydiving! In wintertime we jump every day of the week in New Zealand and USA and no other team can offer you this routine! From spring to fall we skydive in Hungary (at Siofok-Kiliti airport) and are happy to see you if you’re up to quality entertainment.

Our team members have already executed more than 29300 jumps and more than 10000 in tandem (accident-free, of course), which is considerable at international level, and highly outstanding in Hungarian parachuting terms!

Thanks to all this we can guarantee your safety and the indescribable 100% extreme feeling in the future just as we did so far! Get to know parachuting with us, you won’t be disappointed with the Millennium Team!

Safety 100%
Skills 100%
Fun 100%



47-year-old skydiving instructor with more than 10000 jumps. His more than 6000 tandem jumps make him the most experienced tandem master in Hungary!

Parachuting since 1988, he is a 15 times Hungarian Champion in Formation Skydiving and is currently a national athlete and active competitor. He got his Hungarian tandem pilot licence in 1996 and his tandem master licence in 2005 in New Zealand. Since 1999 he is an AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) instructor and an experienced free fall camera operator. He parachutes twelve months a year working from November to May in New Zealand as a full-time tandem pilot at one of the world’s biggest airport dealing with tandem skydiving.


A 33-year-old tandem master. He’s been indulged in parachuting since 2001, collected already 3000+ jumps of which more than 2000 are in tandem. He is a member of the younger generation, but still an experienced parachuting instructor. An active accuracy jumper, he has already achieved remarkable results in classical parachuting and he is a enthusiastic wingsuit flyer as well.


He is the most experienced freefall cameraman of Hungary – no doubt. Skydiving over 20 years, he has done more than 9700 jumps altogether. After several years overseas skydiving experience Peter moved back home and joined MTT. He is collected more than 6000 jumps as a freefall cameraman and about 2000 as a tandem master. Besides Peter is an amazing canopy pilot – you must see his extreme landings – scary stuff, believe me! 🙂


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