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Tandem skydiving – FAQ

Are there any group discounts?2019-05-19T22:11:19+01:00

No, unfortunately not!
We are very sorry, but we do not offer any discount.

Are there any health conditions for skydiving?2019-05-19T22:09:14+01:00

Yes, there are.

Tandem skydiving is excluded in case of: Any surgery and/or accident within the past year that would imply fractures, articular injuries, concussion or fainting.  Spine, heart and circulatory problems (high blood pressure), osteoporosis, epilepsy and any disease involving regular vertigo (dizziness) or fainting. Skydiving is also excluded if the person is subject to any medical, mental or neurological treatment and (in case of ladies) if pregnant.

Each passenger has to fill in a declaration before skydiving in which he/she signs and thereby confirms that none of the above applies to him/her.

Is there a weight limit to tandem skydiving?2019-05-17T09:26:17+01:00

From a helicopter: The upper weight limit is 100 kgs for male and 90 kgs for female participants.
Unfortunately, we can’t take anyone for the jump in case of body weight exceeding the upper limit.
In case the body shape is different from the average, the weight and height ratio is also important.

Is there an age limit to tandem skydiving?2018-03-06T21:49:18+01:00

The lower age limit is 15 years and you have to be at least 140 cm tall. Written consent and personal presence of the parent is required under the age of 18.
The upper age limit is 60 years which means that you can jump until you reached the 60th years of age.

Do I need to show any ID/other documents on the spot for registration?2018-03-06T22:10:59+01:00

Yes, you do.

  • A valid identity card or passport is required on the spot to register for the jump. Without your personal documents there is no guaranty you can participate in tandem skydiving!
  • The voucher received after the order/payment must be presented (printed or digitally eg. on your phone) on the spot for registration.
Can I jump if I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs?2018-03-06T22:14:09+01:00

No, you cannot.

You are not allowed to jump if you consumed any food or drink that contains alcohol, tranquilizers or drugs 8 hours preceding the jump. Parachuting with a hangover isn’t the real thing either. If the tandem instructor considers that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs he can refuse to jump with you.

What physical effort does the jump and landing require?2018-03-06T22:25:49+01:00

Neither free fall, nor the opening of the parachute or – contrary to common belief – landing involves any special physical strain. Free fall is basically a floating feeling with the difference that you sense a 200 km/h air resistance in the meantime, primarily on your face and on all your body. Your ears might pop a bit after chute activation if you are sensible to this but it can be stopped immediately with a very simple method. Modern, air cell parachutes gradually slow free fall down, so no need to be afraid of the parachute pulling very violently. Landing is completely the tandem master’s job, the passenger only needs to raise his or her legs and putting them down only when the parachute completely stopped, so physical strain is out of the question altogether.

Can I jump in glasses or contact lenses?2018-03-06T22:28:24+01:00

Yes, you can. Either can be solved easily, as all tandem jumpers get parachuting goggles before the jump. Anyone wearing glasses can get special protective goggles under which he or she can wear his or her own glasses.

Is eating and drinking recommended before tandem skydiving?2018-03-06T22:30:07+01:00

Food (not too heavy) and drink can be consumed few hours before the jump without any problem. Please do not arrive with an empty stomach! Blood pressure may drop easily after the jump on an empty stomach, which can lead to symptoms of slight dizziness or minor indisposition. Free fall does not resemble the roller coaster at all, so you don’t need to be afraid of getting sick! However if you have travel sickness (you are usually sick in a car, on a bus or an air-plane), it is recommended to take the right medication before the jump!

Consuming alcohol 8 hours before the tandem jump (according to skydiving rules) is not allowed  and parachuting with a hangover isn’t the real thing either.

How should I dress for a tandem skydive?2018-03-06T22:33:23+01:00

Tie up shoes (e.g. running shoes) are mandatory. It is recommended to wear comfortable sporty clothes. In case of warm/hot weather a short and t-shirt is OK (no neck-piece! no sleeveless! no thin strappy top!). We supply all the special gear for everyone: skydiving goggles and jumpsuits (in case of hot weather: skydiving pants only) you need to wear on top of your clothes.

Can I bring my own camera for the jump?2018-03-06T22:34:41+01:00

No, it is not possible.

The skydiving rules and safety regulations do not allow for tandem passengers to bring their own cameras or any other devices with them for the tandem jump.

Even an experienced skydiver must have at least 200 jumps and a B license to take his own camera for the jump.

When can I jump?2019-03-27T12:50:47+01:00

We usually jump from May to October basically each WEEKEND (Saturday-Sunday).

Where does tandem skydiving take place?2018-04-04T12:58:45+01:00

The skydiving location is the SIOFOK-KILITI AIRPORT. It is located on road 65, about 5 km south from Siofok and the beautiful Lake Balaton (the largest lake of Central Europe).
It is just 1 hour drive from Budapest on M7 motorway.

You can find detailed information (itinerary, map, coordinates, route planner) under “Location” in the menu.

Is there a possibility for tandem skydiving in Budapest?2018-03-06T22:40:44+01:00

Unfortunately there is not. Ever since the approx. 50 km capital area has been declared a TMA air space, it is out of the question. This means that due to international air traffic we are not allowed to ascend higher than 1500 meters, which is not enough for tandem skydiving! So we need to go a bit further from the city to do tandem jumps!

The Siófok-Kiliti airport where we jump is just 1 hour drive from Budapest on M7 motorway. 4000 m (13000 ft) jump height, the big helicopter and the breath taking views of the Lake Balaton (the biggest lake of Central Europe) worth a bit more travel!

Do I need to register in advance for the tandem jump?2018-03-06T22:45:49+01:00

You need to register in advance for the tandem jump. After order/payment an agreed date and time is necessary for taking part in tandem skydive.

It is recommended to make an appointment (book a slot) 2-3 weeks in advance, but if you running late you can try to book it 1-2 days prior the planned date as sometimes there are couple of free slots.

Do I have to decide in advance if I want a video/photos?2018-03-06T22:49:30+01:00

That is right. We need to know before the jump whether we should prepare for a handy camera, outside camera or handy+outside camera record. You need to inform us about the type of the video/photos you’d like to have already when making your order. You can try to make an upgrade or change on the spot, but possibilities are limited. So the best is to decide in advance and order the right type of the jump!

How long does the tandem skydive take?2018-03-06T22:50:41+01:00

The helicopter takes off with 25-30 people (sports skydivers, students, instructors, tandem masters, tandem passengers) on board. Upon arrival, you will get the information about your load and if you might have to wait a little and how much.
The registration and preparation takes about 30 minutes. During this time you will be prepared for the jump by your tandem instructor, you will get the necessary equipment (clothing, goggles, harness) and then it will come the jump itself. The activity itself is about 30 minutes (approx. 15 minute helicopter flight, 7-10 minute freefall-parachute ride-landing, with deharnessing and changing clothes it is 15 minutes).

We recommend to leave enough time for a tandem skydive – at least a half day – so that in case an unexpected situation (eg. we need to wait a bit because of the weather) you do not loose the chance for the jump!

Is it one camera/video enough to order for more of us?2018-03-06T22:55:23+01:00

No, not really!
One handy camera or a third person camera can record more participants on the ground during preparation and in the helicopter, but not after exiting the helicopter! The tandems are too far away from each other so that one camera can record only one participant in freefall. So if more of you jump together and you all would like to be recorded you need to order videos separately (one video per person).

What is the jump height?2018-03-06T22:58:21+01:00

The jump height is 4 km as we jump from 4000 m (13000 ft) from a big helicopter!

When do I get the video of my tandem skydive?2018-03-06T23:02:35+01:00

You get the video of your tandem skydive after the jump. We will edit your video right after the landing and upload to our video storage, so that you can download it!

Is there a possibility for more of us to jump tandem at the same time?2018-03-06T23:05:46+01:00

The number of the participants jumping together must be given in advance.

As the helicopter takes sport skydivers, students, instructors and tandem skydivers too on the same load we can usually take 3-7 tandems (participants) at a time.

When and how can I pay?2018-03-06T23:08:52+01:00

Advance payment is needed.
Payment option while ordering on-line:

  • bank card

For the upgrades and extras required afterwards you can pay in cash or by card on the spot.
We invoice all the amounts paid.

What if the weather is not suitable for tandem skydiving?2018-03-06T23:10:35+01:00

Should there be heavy wind or rain, or in case of low clouds and haze the jump has to be delayed or we need to wait until the weather gets better. As in freefall we fall faster than the rain, it is pretty uncomfortable to fall in rainy weather or through a wet cloud. What is more, the camera doesn’t capture too much of the show either. And in case of strong wind landing can get to a certain degree dangerous.

If we can see clearly that the weather will not be suitable for skydiving, we will postpone the jumps and  send a notification about that to you (according to your given contact details) so that you do not travel unnecessarily to the jump location.

It can happen that the weather changes suddenly and it can bad for only short time. In this case we cannot do anything else but wait for the weather to improve.

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