Tandem skydiving – what is it and how does it happen?

What tandem skydiving is?
It is form of parachuting available for basically everyone:

Tandem skydiving is originally an American training method with which anyone can try this special sport without having to take part in courses and medical examinations.

After only 10-15 minutes of preparation you can perform the FIRST tandem jump of your life with an experienced professional parachutist – who is by all means a skilled tandem pilot – and with a special parachute for two, developed expressly for this purpose!

Tandem skydiving has a history of several decades all around the world. In Hungary tandem pilots have been at the disposal of the venturesome for more than twenty years.

A tandem jump is very safe from all aspects, as it is the most experienced parachutists who become tandem pilots, the pre-jump preparation comprises every detail although it is the tandem pilot who coordinates everything from abandoning the aircraft to reaching the ground. You can even pull the rip-cord when the tandem pilot signals or you can direct the parachute during descent, but he watches all your moves and helps or takes control back, if need be. We always have two parachutes for tandem jumps, our reserve chute is on top of that equipped with a height and fall sensor and a professional automatic deployment device in case the tandem pilot for any reason does not open his parachute in time.

We wish you an unforgettable tandem jump and clear blue skies!


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