Tandem skydiving – what is it and how does it happen?

What tandem skydiving is?
It is form of parachuting available for basically everyone:

Tandem skydiving is originally an American training method with which anyone can try this special sport without having to take part in courses and medical examinations.

After only 10-15 minutes of preparation you can perform the FIRST tandem jump of your life with an experienced professional parachutist – who is by all means a skilled tandem pilot – and with a special parachute for two, developed expressly for this purpose!

Tandem skydiving has a history of several decades all around the world. In Hungary tandem pilots have been at the disposal of the venturesome for more than twenty years.

A tandem jump is very safe from all aspects, as it is the most experienced parachutists who become tandem pilots, the pre-jump preparation comprises every detail although it is the tandem pilot who coordinates everything from abandoning the aircraft to reaching the ground. You can even pull the rip-cord when the tandem pilot signals or you can direct the parachute during descent, but he watches all your moves and helps or takes control back, if need be. We always have two parachutes for tandem jumps, our reserve chute is on top of that equipped with a height and fall sensor and a professional automatic deployment device in case the tandem pilot for any reason does not open his parachute in time.

We wish you an unforgettable tandem jump and clear blue skies!

What is the process of tandem skydiving?
Let’s see the details:

Tandem skydiving breafing

First you need to book a slot for the tandem jump in advance.

Once this is done, we will meet you at the airport at the given time where we will start the ground preparation before the tandem jump. You don’t have to think about anything like a course or exam, you get a jump suit, and then in 10-15 minutes we practice all the essential moments regarding the tandem jump. For example, our position in the airplane, how we will get to the door with connected straps or what is the jump/free fall body position, etc. We will discuss the 1-2 signals during free fall, the landing position, and everything else that interests you about tandem jumping.

In the meantime, the tandem instructor puts the passenger harness on you and adjusts it to your size. This harness is exactly like that of any parachute, with the difference that it does not include a parachute, but rather four so-called “attachment points” with which your tandem instructor attaches to his tandem parachute. Two of them (secured carabiners with a load capacity of 2500 kg) are used to hold the weight of the passenger, and the other two are used to fasten relatively tightly to the harness of the tandem instructor.

Once we’re done with all of that, you’ll get a skydiving goggles, and we’re off to the plane.

Tandem skydiving - in the airplane

The plane reaches the jump height in approx. 20 minutes, while we repeat the information once more, and then the tandem instructor connects his harness to yours. Of course, the camera records all important moments so that afterwards everyone can see what happened. Goggles on, heading for the exit.

We settle in the position as agreed and JUMP!!!

Tandem skydiving - freefall

During tandem skydiving, during free fall, you don’t really feel the fall, but rather float among the clouds. There is no nausea or stomach lifting, freefall is nothing like a roller coaster and, contrary to popular belief, we can breathe easily. It is true that we are falling at a speed of 200 km/h, but you can only see this on the altimeter, because what you feel is the air resistance on your whole body and the indescribable intoxication of freedom. A completely new environment where there is no ground under your feet, nothing is fixed, it’s just you and your tandem instructor. You can feel the speed on your face, at first it’s hard to tell where it is up and down. The Earth seems like a distant illusion, space and time take on a whole new meaning. Free fall – there is nothing like it, so it’s hard to describe what it feels like, you have to try it! Of course, the digital camera records everything, even those details that are practically impossible to recall due to the continuous rush of adrenaline!

Tandem skydiving - flying with the parachute

At 1,500 meters, your tandem jump pilot will open the parachute, then you can you can rest a bit and then the descent / flight with the parachute begins! In this case you are unexpectedly surrounded by complete silence, especially compared to the howling of the wind during free fall. We are floating 1 km high between heaven and earth, but now everything has slowed down. If you were a little scared at the beginning of the jump, you will calm down completely. Those who have already experienced this feeling, all said that such a feeling of happiness takes hold of a person at this time, which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth! A sense of security, a crystal-clear euphoria of freedom and the euphoria caused by the successful completion of a jump/free fall, which at first seemed like a terrifying task, pervades your entire being, every part of your body. Below you are small houses, roads, fields, above us is the boundless sky and our parachute. Caressing breeze, perfect silence, floating. It’s not easy to put into words what you feel, but we’ll ask you anyway when you’re there! These are all part of tandem skydiving.

These air cell parachutes can fly fantastically, they are suitable for several kilometers of horizontal flying from a height of 1000 meters, and we can also spin if you want, or just fly back and forth.

Tandem skydiving - landing

During tandem skydiving, our landing speed is quite slow, which is controlled by the tandem instructor for your perfect safety! The task is not difficult, because these parachutes work like an airplane wing. At the moment of landing, both our vertical and horizontal speed can be reduced to a minimum in order to a soft landing. Of course, our hand-held camera (and our aerial cameraman – if you ordered one) captures this, as well as everything else, during the tandem jump.

And then all that remains is to accept the congratulations,
because you did it, you jumped from a height of thousands of meters!

Your first TANDEM SKYDIVE has taken place and no one can take this experience away from you! It’s an unforgettable feeling when you’ve done something that’s really extreme and special at its best, something that maybe many people were afraid of, but you trusted yourself, you trusted us, and after we land you can’t stop grinning, you still “feel like you’re in the clouds”! Of course, your friends will look at you in amazement, they don’t understand the situation, how you can do such a thing with common sense. Maybe one day they too will gather their courage and sign up for a jump, because that’s all it takes courage, the rest will take care of itself! Then they will understand.

You are still under the influence of tandem skydiving while your video and photos are already being edited. You can find out more about the tandem skydive videos (what the internal and external camera is, and how the aerial cameraman works with us etc.) and watch our demo videos under the “Video” menu item.

The video is usually watched many times after the tandem jump, because it is not just a simple music video recording about you. Such a film can reproduce the feelings you experienced during the tandem jump. It captures all the small moments of the big jump, because you wouldn’t be able to remember everything by yourself. We have already heard from several people that they got goosebumps after watching their video!

Well, that’s how we skydive,
we wish everyone blue skies!


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