Tandem skydive booking & conditions


The upper weight limit is 95 kgs for male and 85 kgs for female participants.
Unfortunately, we can’t take anyone for the jump in case of body weight exceeding the upper limit!
Weight should be understood with your shoes and clothes on.
In case the body shape is different from the average, the weight and height ratio is also important. In this respect, we follow international practice.
In case of 95 kg body weight a male participant needs to be min. 178 cm tall, in case of 85 kg body weight a female participant needs to be min. 176 cm tall.

The participant has to be at least 140 cm tall.

There is no lower age limit, but under the age of 18, the personal presence and written consent of the parent is required to perform a tandem jump.
The upper age limit is 60 years which means that you can jump until you reached the 60th years of age.


The cases which exclude skydiving are the following:
Fracture within the past year, any accident involving articulatory or internal injuries or concussion, spine, heart and circulatory problems (high blood pressure), osteoporosis, epilepsy and any disease involving regular vertigo or fainting, seizure or convulsion. Skydiving is also excluded if the person is subject to any medical, mental or neurological treatment and (in case of ladies) if pregnant.

Each passenger has to fill in a declaration before skydiving in which he/she signs and thereby confirms that none of the above applies to him/her.
For other complaints not mentioned here, please contact your doctor and request a declaration of fitness to perform a tandem skydive.


You are not allowed to skydive if you have been scuba diving 24 hours prior to your tandem skydive.

A valid official (government issued) identity card or passport is required on the spot to register for the jump!

You are not allowed to jump if you consumed any food or drink that contains alcohol, tranquilizers or drugs 12 hours preceding the jump.

It is not the responsibility of the service provider or the tandem instructor to examine the health and other suitability, in this case the tandem passenger declares at his own risk. However, if a tandem passenger appears to be in a perceptibly unsuitable condition at the time of the jump or his/her behavior prior to leaving the aircraft endangers the safe performance of the tandem jump, the tandem instructor may refuse the tandem skydive.


Updated: 23-05-2021

It is only possible to stay at the airport/tandem skydive venue in compliance with current government regulations!

According to the regulations currently in force:

No certificate (card) about the protection against the coronavirus is required for either tandem passengers or their attendants.

We ask all tandem passengers and attendants not to visit Dunaújváros Airport and the tandem skydive venue:
– if they are or are likely to be infected with a coronavirus,
– if they experience symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19): fever, cough, shortness of breath
– if they have been in close contact with a person with confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection in the 14 days prior to the visit.

At the tandem skydive location all staff members are vaccinated and/or have a certificate of protection against the coronavirus.

For safety reasons, to avoid possible infections, body temperature is measured upon arrival at the tandem skydive location. Body temperature above 37.5 ° C is an exclusion factor for attending a tandem skydive or being on site.

The site, aircraft, and equipments are regularly disinfected.
Hand sanitizers are available in several places
– for all tandem passengers and attendants!

By participating in a tandem jump or visiting a tandem jump site, all tandem shows and attendants run the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 infection. Despite careful precautions by the service provider, the organizers and participants of the tandem jump, complete protection against infection is not guaranteed. If you do not want to take a risk, please do not take part in a tandem skydive or visit the location.

These rules may change depending on the laws and regulations in force at any time. Please check the current conditions before arriving at Dunaújváros Airport/tandem skydive location!

When booking, it is necessary to provide the following data, it is worth considering and preparing them:

Do you want a video or which package do you choose (detailed description under “Prices”):
– #0 – Base
– #1 – Video
– #2 – 2 Camera video
– #3 – 3 Camera video
– #4 – Video for 2 – 4000 m

– Name
– Age (years) – upper limit: 60 years
– Height (cm)
– Weight (kg) – upper limit male: 95kg, female: 85kg
– T-shirt size
– Language

In the booking calendar you only see the available time intervals (with free slots), you can choose from them.
If you do not find a suitable one, please inquire by e-mail and subscribe to the waiting list. If a slot becomes available on the desired day and time, we will notify you immediately!

We usually jump from April/May to October on WEEKENDS.
IN APRIL: Saturday and Sunday; FROM MAY: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
DURING WEEKDAYS: we can organize a jumps in case of a group of at least 6 participants, depending on the availability of the staff and the aircraft. Please inquire about the options!

Name, Mobile phone number and Email address

Book a tandem skydive!


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