Unfortunately, due to the virus situation, Siófok Airport did not open in 2020, so to our greatest regret, we were not able to provide our customers and friends with the opportunity to skydive.

We would very much like this not to happen again in the future, but as we all know, there are restrictions since then, and even new ones may come. Regulations currently regulate the grouping, above a certain number of people it is not allowed to gather even outdoors (eg in stadiums, concerts, parks) and sports airports, especially without a confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination!

Although grouping can be regulated, the desire for fun cannot be limited! There will always be birthdays, anniversaries, occasions, it is a great feeling to give and receive an experience. We also miss regular skydiving a lot, so we made a serious decision. We will change the location of the jumps and return to our previous favorite drop zone at: Dunaújváros Airport (only 40 min. drive from Budapest).

The future location of tandem skydives:
the Dunaújváros Airport

Here, from a smaller aircraft, it is much easier to organize a parachute tandem jump – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – in addition to complying with restrictions and safety regulations, as there are fewer participants on site at the same time, so the risk of infection is significantly lower.
At least as far as Covid is concerned, because anyone who tries a tandem jump once is “infected” with adrenaline, you have to be prepared for that. 😊

Our other good news
that not only will our plane “get smaller”
but also our prices!

In Siófok we jumped from 4000 m, which is also possible in Dunaújváros, but in most of our packages the height of the jumps is 3500 m, which means a very small difference (about 8-10 seconds) in free fall. This very short time takes practically nothing from the complete experience (it will be an unforgettable experience, we guarantee this), but the price of the fun is much cheaper!

Of course, the decision is yours, and if it turns out, we look forward to seeing you at Dunaújváros Airport.

Scheduled start of the season: 15th of May

You can see our new prices for 2021 here:

You will be able to make a booking from 8th of May on this page:
Tandem skydive booking & conditions

COVID-19 – regulations

You will only be able to stay at the airport if you comply with current government regulations!

It is probable that the following will also apply to tandem skydives and airport visits in the future, so in the absence of a different official resolution, we must use the following as a basis:

From 4 million vaccinees, people protected against the coronavirus and those under 18 under their supervision can visit swimming pools, gyms and fitness facilities, sports facilities. A person protected against the coronavirus and a person under the age of 18 under his/her supervision may participate in the sporting event as a spectator, provided that the scheduled end time of the sporting event is 11 am at the latest.

The protection against the coronavirus is verified by presenting the protection certificate, and it is the responsibility of the room operator and the service provider to verify the fact of protection.

The operator/organizer is obliged to refuse entry, prevent entry or call away guests and spectators who do not prove their protection against the coronavirus or their age.

We try to inform all interested parties about the changes as soon as possible.


We look forward to seeing you!
Millennium Tandem Team