Tandem skydive from a helicopter from 4000 meters, with a wonderful view of Lake Balaton in the background. – A video instead of words!

The video tells everything. It has everything that cannot be put into words.
The real feeling knows only the one who has tried it, experienced it! :)

The feeling of true freedom when you see the world at 4000 meters; the 200 km / h wind blows while you don’t feel like you are falling, but rather floating between the clouds; the immeasurable tranquility and silence after the parachute opens; the beautiful light turquoise Lake Balaton….  – It is not like anything, it’s a special feeling and view!

If you would like to try it, you would experience a tandem skydive from a helicopter (a big troop transport helicopter) at Lake Balaton, do not hesitate! The adventure awaits you!

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… and do not forget to watch this super video! :)