We thought it’s time to update the look of our tandem skydive gift coupon.

We had a quick public opinion survey among our friends / followers to see what design the majority would like. On our Facebook page we released two versions, which made it “sometimes less is more”! For the majority, compared to the graphic addition, the natural version liked better.

Here are the two contestants, the solemn-floral and the original / natural:

The latter won the vote by a strong two-thirds majority, so according to the “majority decide” this free gift tandem jump coupon was added to our website! However, since the floral graphics solution has collected a good few votes (and we liked it at a team level too), we thought it would be best if there were multiple versions to choose the most desirable or better suited to the occasion! So now we are planning to move on in this direction and if we can do it with a little improvement, let’s allow you to choose from at least two options! Since this requires a bit more serious programming, and until it becomes apparent that it is technically feasible, a majority-voted coupon will be available on our website.

Would you like to give a tandem skydive as a gift and hand it in tangible form? Would you like the celebration of a coupon’s sight to fever (did not talk about the jump)? The new design tandem jump gift card is now available on our website, which you can save and save for free!

Would you like your loved one to get excited about the gift card? (not to mention doing the skydive)? The newly redesigned tandem skydive gift card is now available on our website, which you can make and save for free!

Try the free tandem skydive coupon maker on our website!

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