We have published this year’s tandem skydive prices, which continue to represent the best value for money!
Why do we think so:

  • It is important to emphasize that our photos and Full HD (!) Video is immediately ready after the jump, as we have professional video editing staff and equipment (computers, software). Thus, by choosing us, you do not need days or even weeks to wait for the video, as with all the other tandem teams. If you want you can even watch the video and photos on a big screen TV  15-20 minutes after the jump together with your friends. Basically everyone chooses to do so, who used to jump with us and it is always fun – the good atmosphere is guaranteed! :)
  • Photos and videos (unlike other teams) are not just uploaded to the internet and links sent by email, but they are handed over on a stylish bracelet flash drive. We give a free flash drive for every jump with photos and we give min. 50 free photos and a flash drive for every jump with video!
  • We prefer the safety (our tandem masters with unique experience take care about that), organization  (eg. do not have to wait hours before your turn) and fairness in addition to good-humoured show you as much as possible from this fantastic sport we do for many years and we still love!

You can find our tandem skydive prices  for the 2016 season on our website under “Prices” or here: Tandem skydive prices – 2016