• Would you like to give something special this Christmas?
  • Which will be one of the best experience in his/her life?

Tandem skydiving is GREAT EXPERIENCE and never disappoints!

Most of the people can only dream about it, however nowadays almost anyone can jump out of a plane thousands of meters high with a parachute attached to a professional instructor. Do not stay in a dream, give an insight into the fantastic world of skydiving! Give a unique experience unlike anything similar, give a tandem skydive for Christmas!

On our website you can make a tandem skydive gift voucher with name and occasion on it, so the tandem jump as a gift can be handed over in a physical form. The voucher will appear immediately on the screen and it is free!

Our well prepared team – the best tandem instructors in the country – with huge international routine and professional equipments ensures safety!
There will be no shortage of excitement, but remember: fear is temporary – experience is forever! ;)

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Happy Holidays!
Millennium Tandem Team